Share your music with the people you love, anytime anywhere in your house.  Inside and out.  Imagine? Put on soft background music throughout the house for a calming effect.  Then crank up the volume for a high energy party atmosphere.  The kids can plug in their MP3 players and listen to hip hop in their bedrooms while you slow dance to Ellington downstairs in the den.   Internet radio stations and the music stored inside iTunes or Windows Media libraries and your network hard-drives would be the many sources that everyone in the house can listen to, freely, privately, independently?

Need some quiet time?  Just press your remote to turn down the volume in every room or in selected locations only.  Whole home music system has never sounded this good!!

If you think enjoying music this way is great, try listening at your patio, garden or pool. You will be amazed how relaxing your life at home can be!!

Starting with a free design consultation, our installation experts can help you to visualize how your new whole house music system can enhance your daily life to the max.  You don?t even need to worry about the hassles and messiness for the install.  We can provide you wired and wireless system that can best suit you need.  Music control can be going through wall pads, handheld devices or even your PC and Mac.

As for watching movies and TV shows over the many TVs inside your home, we also provide wired and wireless streaming solutions that can deliver HD signals to any rooms in the house.  Afterwards, all AV components inside every room will be gone.  The only device that would stay is the remote control unit, whether that is a handheld ward type or simply an iPad or iPhone.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched service and competitive pricing on every job from a single room to a whole home system.  You can count on us for professional, prompt and affordable service to make your home a true music paradise!!

For more information or to schedule a FREE no-obligation design consultation, please contact us today?