Look at your existing security system in your home.  Does it look dull or even outdated in this technologically advanced world?  Do you think it should do more than simply monitoring your windows and doors while you can use your smartphones now to do a lot more complicated tasks?

Introducing Smart Home security system that can bring you closer to home ever you can imagine.  You can always stay connected and get informed to anything happened in your home.  Our smart home security system comes with Home Automation features such as light and temperature controls as well as ON/OFF control of home small appliances.  You can even unlock your main entrance or garage door if needed.  All installed home automation devices can be accessed by using smartphones or through PC or Mac over the internet, anytime, anywhere.  Home is never been that close!

These days not everybody uses landline telephone at home.  Rest assured that this would not affect the install of this Smart Home Security system at all.  This new system uses the last GSM cellphone technology for data and control signals as well as contacting the call center in case of any emergency and alarm events.  As for the installation, we will re-use all your existing wiring to expedite install.  All additoinal senors and detection devices installed will be communicating with the main system using proprietary wireless RF frequency bands.

With the stylish look of the main touch screen color LED main panel, sub panel and a vast selection of control devices, sensors and detectors, you can make the rules and your home will obey.

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